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AY040_MERINO_SPORT Meets in the Middle Chevron Shell

Designer: Lorna Miser

Pattern Line: Aurora Yarns

Pattern Type: Cardigan, Kids, Misc

Gauge: 3 sts/inch in stockinette

Level of Experience: easy

Sizes: 32 (36, 40, 44) 48 [52, 56, 60]

Yarn Requirements:
Ornaghi Filati MERINO SPORT
100% superwash merino
50g. /66m. /71 yards
5 (6, 7, 8) 8 [9, 10, 11] skeins

Yarn Substitutions:
Ornaghi Filati Scenic
Ornaghi Filati Gipsy
Ornaghi Filati Las Vegas
Ornaghi Filati Olimpic
Ornaghi Filati Manhattan
Ornaghi Filati Rugiada
Ornaghi Filati Zingara
Ornaghi Filati Pupillo
Ornaghi Filati Hollywood
Ornaghi Filati Fragola
Ornaghi Filati Mighty
Steinbach Wolle Mammut

Begin at the corners then join them as they meet in the middle. Side gussets guarantee a perfect fit without much work but lots of style. Sleeves are optional.

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